“We need people in all levels of government that are willing to stand up for the principles of limited government and more personal liberties. Stewart Jones has proved through the years that he is one of those people. I am proud to endorse Stewart Jones for Laurens County Council.” -Dr. Ron Paul (11/2014)


Stewart Jones is a lifelong resident of Laurens County and a proud 8th generation South Carolinian. He attended Thornwell Elementary and High School and graduated in 2001. Stewart received an Associates Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology in 2009 from Piedmont Technical College. Stewart Jones has been involved in local politics and currently serves as Chairman of the Lakelands Republican Liberty Caucus as well as an elected State Republican Liberty Caucus Board Member. He is also an active member of the Laurens County Tea Party, Young Americans for Liberty and writes for www.VoicesofLiberty.com powered by Ron Paul. Elected by the Laurens County Republican Party in 2012, Stewart was chosen to serve as a delegate representing Laurens County to the South Carolina Republican Convention.

Stewart, his wife Kelly, and their two Daughters Lillie and Emma Grace are proud to call the City of Laurens community their home. Kelly is also a native of Laurens County where she graduated Laurens District 55 High School in 2003. Stewart and Kelly met in Laurens and were married at Thornwell in 2009. Today his family are members of First Baptist and enjoy being involved in the community.

Stewart has owned and operated Greenwood I.T., LLC since 2010 and currently serves Greenwood, Laurens, Anderson and Greenville Counties as well as other cities in the Upstate and Lakelands Districts. His goals for businesses, non profits and individual clients are to maximize efficiency and productivity in the most cost effective manner by implementing his own innovative approaches to I.T. as well as cost saving strategies. Stewart has a plan to apply these proven business methods to local government; allowing economic freedom to create jobs, lowering taxes and increasing efficiency of services.

In 2014, Stewart was elected with 60% of the vote to serve the 4th District on Laurens County Council. He chaired the committee of Public Works from 2015-2017 and served on the Committee for Emergency and Health Services. He led the way to greater accountability, making local government more transparent by creating www.LaurensCounty.us and www.LaurensSC.org in order to put all public information online and readily available. Stewart continues to protect private property rights and works toward free market solutions that maximize liberty.