In Defense of Free Trade,

My draft letter passed the vote from Laurens County Council on December 12th, 2017 and is being sent to the Federal Trade Commission regarding the potential threats of added tariffs for the recently announced Samsung facility in our region. I am glad that we are attracting businesses from around the world and bringing those jobs to South Carolina.


“Southeast Region
Federal Trade Commission
Suite 1500
225 Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, Georgia   30303


Dear Mr. President and Members of the Federal Trade Commission:

We write to you today to ask for your support of the workers and consumers of Laurens County, South Carolina and neighboring Counties by not allowing more burdensome regulation and tariffs to interfere with the employment and production process at the newly announced Samsung manufacturing facility in Newberry County, South Carolina.

Laurens County shares an interstate and a number of transportation routes with our neighbors south east of us in Newberry County. The new Samsung Newberry facility is looking to hire over one thousand (1,000) employees eventually and with that kind of demand will hire not only from just Newberry County, but also from neighboring counties like Laurens County. Not only is it important to have more jobs in South Carolina and the United States in general, but it is imperative that we attract more jobs of this quality in the field of technology.

We have a great opportunity to bring new jobs and more economic growth to our region with companies like Samsung coming to South Carolina. Furthermore, it would be completely obstructive to reject these employment opportunities for the people of South Carolina with tariffs that only make it more difficult for people to make a living and produce goods that consumers can use and afford to purchase.

We ask that you please help to reduce financial burdens by not compounding problems with tariffs and additional roadblocks to the market. Competitive, higher paying technology based jobs like those offered by Samsung will not only help the people of our region, but also the entire country.


Stewart O. Jones, Councilman

Laurens County Council”