Litter and Humane


The protection of private property is dependent upon laws and a respect for the property of others. I have no tolerance for those who litter and dump trash in District 14 or anywhere in South Carolina. As a county council member I have worked to enforce stricter penalties on those that litter. It is critical that we clean up our District and focus on issues such as the trash in Reedy River as it flows into Lake Greenwood which is a water source.

Once elected to the SC House of Reps, I will work to implement better initiatives for educating our children on the importance of keeping our land and water clean. If they can start at an earlier age, then these practices are more likely to stick with them as adults. This will help to limit littering and will have longterm results. We also must consider utilizing more trustees and even DOT workers to assist with cleaning up litter and trash.

Humane and Animal Control

Due to major issues with animal control in Laurens County, I started the Animal Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of animal care professionals, veterinarians and animal advocates who can help find pets new homes and better work to set policy and procedures for Animal Control operations. By allowing professionals outside of government to do this, Laurens County increased the release rate in recent years. Once elected to the SC House of Reps, I will work to better animal control for our state in a humane manner and help those who are advocates for mans best friend.