Our freedoms come from God, not government. Government has specific functions to secure the blessing of liberty. This is the liberty that I aim to defend. All elected officials take an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, but many neglect this oath.

From being a small business owner and experiencing the burden of over-regulation and excessive taxation, I know that we must reduce the size and scope of government at all levels. During my time on Laurens County Council, I have not been afraid to stand for the Bill of Rights and principles of liberty on which our country is founded. I will not compromise on any of our God-given rights, whether it be free speech, religious liberty, 2nd Amendment (right to keep and bear arms), 4th Amendment (right to privacy and private property), or due process. When it comes to losing freedoms that we still have, we must never concede.

South Carolinian, John C. Calhoun once said that “it is harder to preserve than to obtain liberty.” That is our task. We must not only defend our freedoms but take back the liberties we have lost.

It is my duty and honor to defend life, liberty, and property against overreaching government and to represent the great people of SC House District 14.

Corinthians 3:17 tells us that: “Where there is the spirit of the Lord, there is liberty.”