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Congressman Jeff Duncan Endorses Stewart Jones for House 14

Third District Congressman Jeff Duncan made a formal endorsement of Stewart Jones, the Republican nominee for the special election in S.C. House District 14.

Duncan, of Laurens, is also a Republican.

On April 23, Jones, a current member of County Council, is opposed by Democrat Garrett McDaniel in the election to succeed Rep. Mike Pitts, who retired.

District 14 mostly covers northern and western Laurens County, as well as part of Greenwood County.

Duncan spoke at a campaign dinner held on Saturday afternoon at The Clock of Laurens. Among other speakers were Pitts and Rep. Mark Willis, who represents sections of the county in District 16.

The speakers discussed the upcoming special election, voter participation and what issues the South Carolina Republican Party will focus on leading up to the 2020 election cycle.

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Sen. Rand Paul picks up endorsements from Pitts, Jones

While visiting Laurens County last week, Sen. Rand Paul secured an endorsement from State Representative Mike Pitts and County Councilman Stewart Jones.

Pitts and Jones join State Senator Tom Davis, S.C. State Co-Chairman for Rand Paul for President, and hundreds of other South Carolina grassroots activists on the Rand Paul for President South Carolina leadership team.

Mike Pitts is a State Representative representing Laurens and Greenwood counties. Mike has served in the United States Army Reserve and is a former Police officer in Greenville. He’s a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and constitutionalist. Mike was first elected to the State House in 2002.

“I proudly endorse Senator Rand Paul for President of the United States. Rand Paul is the only candidate who has and will continue to defend the entire Bill of Rights and the rule of law, which is why I am proud to stand with Rand,” said State Rep. Mike Pitts. “I have never endorsed a candidate for President, but America desperately needs a fighter who will defeat the Washington machine and President Rand Paul will do that on day one,” State Representative Mike Pitts said.

Stewart Jones is a County Councilman for Lauren’s County. Elected in 2014, after defeating a 24-year incumbent, Stewart has been a leading voice for liberty in Laurens County and in South Carolina. He’s a proud 8th generation South Carolinian and small business owner.

“I am very happy to endorse Dr. Rand Paul for President, because he is the leading advocate for restoring individual liberty and balancing the federal budget. He is the only candidate that stands for the entire bill of rights and advocates a foreign policy that was outlined by the founding fathers. President Paul will help to restore constitutional government and defend our God given rights. My family and I, Stand with Rand Paul for President,” County Councilman Stewart Jones said.

In South Carolina, Sen. Paul continued to spread the constitutional conservative message of limited government:

“The Republican party must be more boldly for constitutional conservative principles– less government intervention in your everyday lives, and more personal freedom. With the help of State Representative Mike Pitts and County Councilman Stewart Jones, I believe we can defeat the Washington Machine and Unleash the American Dream in the 2016 election,” Sen. Paul said.

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