Faith and Family

As Christians, we are called to be “strong and courageous.” My faith and family are my support.

It is critical that we defend Christian conservative values in South Carolina. The family unit is under attack by the radical left and those who wish to tear down and re-define the cornerstones of society. As a husband and father of two girls, I’m proud to be a member of the South Carolina House Family Caucus and support legislation that defends and promotes traditional family values in South Carolina.

It is critical that we support life. I was proud to hit the ground running in defense of the unborn when I was elected to the Statehouse in April of 2019. I testified to the Senate Medical Committee in the fall of 2019 in support of the South Carolina Heartbeat Bill, a monumental advancement for the pro-life movement. In February of 2021, we finally passed the Heartbeat Bill.

Our efforts continue to give a voice to the voiceless.